My Iceland-links

This link collection is yet quiet incomplete, and there are lots more sites worth occuring here. Yet I concentrated on those sites containing plenty of links themselves, so you can click your way through, and those sites rarely mentioned, hidden gems, and so on...

All of this will be improved by time, as I guess there are yet lots of great sites I myself don't know of. Hints and tips by mail are of course always appreciated.
My Iceland-links
Photos from Iceland
  • Icelandic photos by Rafn Hafnfjörð
    It says "Since 1955 Rafn Hafnfjörð has been systematically photographing Iceland for the purpose of promoting the country. His photographs have been published in travel brochures, on postcards, calendars and web pages". And there are really lots good pictures on his site!
  • Myndabanki
    Collection of I don't know how many thousands of great pictures from Iceland. Several great Photographers have been contributing.
  • Landscapes of Iceland
    Photos from all over the country and also pictures from the 19th century. Used to have collection of links to tons of great pictures from Iceland, which unfortunally is no longer available.
  • Fotocommunity
    German forum to show and discuss photography. With photos not only from Iceland, but a separate section somewhere.
    Travelling in Iceland
    General travel sites for Iceland
  • - Das deutschsprachige Island Portal
    German portal with tons of links and information
    Iceland by bicycle
  • Michiel Erens Iceland page
    The ultimate online resource for cycling in Iceland. With hints, photos, tour reports and the most complete collection of Iceland by bike links I know.
  • Trento Bike Pages - Iceland
    Collection of bike touring links, not only for Iceland
  • Sammlung von Reiseberichten von Fahrradtouren
    Collection of cycling-tour reports. German only.
  • Íslenski Fjallahjólaklúbburinn
    Home of the icelandic mountain bike club, with lots of links, hints and tips for cyclers in Iceland.
  • Hagens Welt
    Homepage of a german fellow cycler I met several times on my tour in 2002. Also travelling to other nordic countries.
  • Globebike
    Homepage of some german fellow cyclers I met on my tour 2003. Travelling in countries all around the globe with their bikes.
  • Mikes Homepage
    Homepage of an australian fellow cycler. Originally we had email contact, but then by accident we met at Kverkfjöll in 2003, which was a very nice surprise!
    Iceland by feet
  • Isafold - Wanderungen durch das Hochland Islands
    German website about travelling through the icelandic highland by foot. Also with a very large list of links.
    Icelandic language links
    News from Iceland
  • Daily news from Iceland
    Daily updated news from Iceland in english
  • Morgunblaðið
    Icelandic newspaper, in Icelandic of course
    Webcams and weather
  • Veðurgluggin
    Several webcams all around Iceland, mostly at gas stations
  • Iceland on the Web: Webcams
    More complete collection of webcams in Iceland
  • Veðurstofa Íslands
    Icelandic meteorological office with the weather forecast of course. Also available in english
    Linkcollections and search engines
  • Samkoma
    "The Meeting Place" for Icelandic & Western-Icelandic connections. Electronic library, with 1450+ links
  • Iceland on the web
    Directory of several thousand icelandic websites
  • - Íslenska leitarvélin
    Icelandic search engine and internet portal
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