Icelandic language links

Here you'll find lots of links around the icelandic language. Plenty of stuff, collected over a long time trying to learn this language myself with online-resources... and you can probably find everything you ever needed for this... everything except practice.
Icelandic language links
General language Links
  • Online Translation
    A Online translation tool with lots of languages, including Icelandic
  • Foreign Languages for Travelers
    Links and materials for quiet a lot of languages, including Icelandic. Mostly intended for travelers.
  • Verbix - verb grammar, conjugation, inflection
    Verb inflection tool for some exotic languages like Icelandic. Also available as software to purchase/download.
    Official organisations around Icelandic
  • Íslensk Málstöð - The Icelandic Laguage Insitute
    Part of the university in Reykjavík. Has links to several projects like the Icelandic word bank.
    Sites and guides around Icelandic language
  • BRAGI: Íslenska sem erlent mál
    Great resource for learning Icelandic on the net. Lots of words, grammar-tables, audio- and more resources.
  • Mimir - Icelandic Grammar Notebook
    A easy to use reference to the grammar of the Icelandic language. Although there are said to be a few mistakes on the site.
  • Andys Icelandic Assistant
    Large collection of phrases, most of them with audio files spoken by icelanders. Useful resource!
  • Icelandic Phrase Page
    Collection of icelandic phrases and words, some with a .WAV to listen.
  • Learn Icelandic on the Web
    Unfinished introduction into the icelandic language.
    Groups and mailinglists for learning Icelandic
  • LearningIcelandic Join member
    Yahoo group mailinglist with more than 200 members. Official description: "LearningIcelandic is designed for people (especially beginners) learning the Icelandic language. Mutual encouragement is the primary aim of this group, which includes absolute beginners and those whose skills are fairly good. Hopefully members will share information and resources. There are several Icelanders on the list who kindly help out."
  • Icelandic-grammar2
    Yahoo group mailinglist. Official description: "In this group Icelandic grammar will be discussed with a view towards learning and/or improving writing skills in Icelandic. Grammar learned will also be applied to spoken Icelandic."
  • Learn Icelandic with me
    Yahoo club of more than 100 people learning Icelandic.
    Icelandic literature
    Books for learning Icelandic
  • Málvísindastofnun
    A long list of books and more offline resources for learning icelandic.
  • Bóksala Stúdenta
    Online (and offline) book store with the main goal of providing the students at the University of Iceland with textbooks. Has plenty of icelandic books of course.
  • Mál og menning
    Icelandic book store and publisher with lots of interesting books, also for icelandic-learners.
    Icelandic texts online
  • Jónas Hallgrímsson: Selected Poetry and Prose
    Lots of texts by the great icelandic writer Jónas Hallgrímsson. Some poems even with voice-recordings!
  • Netútgáfan
    Some books and stories online in icelandic, for example the bible.
  • Morgunblaðið
    Icelandic newspaper, in Icelandic of course
    Sagas, Edda & Co.
  • Project Runeberg
    Some old icelandic saga texts digitally online. Also has some interessting links.
  • The Online Medieval and Classical Library
    Online library for lots of old languages, with plenty of more resources.
  • Sagnanetið
    Scans of lots of old books. A great archive of handwritings!
  • Stofnun Árna Magnússonar
    The Arni Magnússon Institute, part of the University in Reykjavík researching the old handwritten icelandic sagas. Quiet interesting.
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