Tour 2006 - Hiking in the north

My sixth trip to Iceland and my second real hiking tour there. This time I wanted to explore the farther surroundings of Akureyri a little bit. Or, I really wanted to visit a lot of old friends there and aside from that have some nice tour in Iceland. And as some remote valleys caught my eyes, that could only be reached by foot, it somehow had to get a hiking tour.
So I started hiking in Akureyri, went through Gönguskarð into Bleiksmýrardalur, then followed for one and a half day one of the longest valleys in Iceland and finally took a turn towards Laugafell. Up to now I had always "missed" the hot springs there, as they are a rather remote side attraction. And to get out from there somehow my choice fell on Austurdalur, leading into Skagafjörður. And from there it was not far anymore onto the Tröllaskagi peninsula, with an intermediate stop in Hólar and the final destination of the tour in Svarfaðardalur. All of that can also be seen on this small map.
The weather was great in the beginning, four days long. Then it got a little cloudy and worse. Anyway it was a great tour and nice pictures can also be made in foggy weather. Hey, its really only a few pictures with fog, on most of them you can actually see the landscape!
A travelogue in german is currently being written, but I fear that won't help you anyway. So here is at least a list of the 628 photos I took...
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