Tour 2002 - Not all the ways go to geysir

My third trip to Iceland, this time again with my bike and trailer, like the year before. Also I didn't change too much on my remaining gear, a new sleepingbag here, something to put underneath the tent there, and lots of rainclothings. And I needed especially the rainclothes. It might be a little overdrawn to write I had the only two sunny days at two of the most beautiful places in Iceland, Landmannalaugar and Skaftafell. But I didn't really have too much luck with the weather.

My route this time brought me along the south coast first, then as said to Landmannaugar and through the Sprengisandur highland towards Mývatn and the north. After some short sidetrip to Ásbyrgi and an aborted try to get to Askja I decided rather to go with plenty of time along the eastern and southern coast back to the airport. I've written a detailed travelogue in german again, but at the moment, if you don't understand german, you have to get the details from the pictures again.

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