California 2003

In June 2003 I had the lucky opportunity to travel "in scientific mission" to California. This is, I "had" to work on a students thesis in San Diego for two weeks. And as this was such a heavy burden I of course added a little holidays, as I don't come by in California that often...
So I travelled with a rental car from Los Angelas, where my plane arrived, along the coast and Big Sur to San Francisco. A friend of mine was just working there, and so I visited him of course. After a short stop downtown San Francisco I went on, to see some of the National Parks. First to Yosemite, a little later Sequoia. And unfortunally my short trip was almost over then, I had to go to San Diego to the university.
Oh yes, I slept mostly in my tent with sleeping bag, as usual. And I took a few photos as well, thats why here are 74 photos with a short commentary, I'll probably never find the time to write a longer travelogue:
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