GPS vector map for Morocco
...and Western Sahara

The Map
This page is about a free vector-map of Morocco and Western Sahara for handheld GPS-recievers, e.g. the Garmin eTrex series. The map is provided as-is, no warrantys whatsoever are given. This does especially mean: Also note, eTrex, MapSource, and various other things mentioned on this page are registered trademarks and belong to their respective owners. Now, most importantly, here is what you are looking for:


Please visit the Mirror Site for faster downloads.
Thanks a lot to Dominique for setting up this service!
Garmin MapSource format

Download for Windows (Mapsource) Garmin-format, Self-installing Executable (21.DEC.2007, 25.851kB)
Download for Apple (Roadtrip) Garmin-format, Roadtrip for Apple (21.DEC.2007, 26.099kB)
Download for Memory Card (gmapsupp) Garmin-format, Memory Card (21.DEC.2007, 26.082kB)

Download for manual installation Garmin-format, Part 1 - Road Map (21.DEC.2007, 3.696kB)
Download for manual installation Garmin-format, Part 2 - Topo Overlay (21.DEC.2007, 22.503kB)

You will need Garmin MapSource to use this version. Also see the Mini-Manual on how to use custom maps with MapSource.

For easy installation of both parts of the map, try the self-installing .exe version. To update an existing installation, it is sufficient to download the "road map" or "topo overlay" parts as needed and unpack them to your installation directory, replacing the old files (saves your and my bandwidth!).

Old versions before 11.NOV.2006 should be uninstalled before updating, due to some major changes in that release. An uninstall .exe should be included in your installation path. Otherwise use regedit and remove the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Garmin\MapSource\Products\03000090.

Don't read this paragraph, unless you want to perform a complete manual installation. Extract the .zip to folder C:\myMaps\Maroc-Topo, double-click on the Maroc-Topo.reg, start MapSource and enjoy. If you want a different directory, edit the .reg file and fill in your paths accordingly. (Note that part of the manual installation process is editing the registry, which is usually said to be potentially harmful. I told you, don't read this paragraph, just take the .exe file. You have been warned! :) )
GISrussa format

Download GIS Russa-format, Part 1 - Road Map (22.JUL.2007, 7.384kB)
Download GIS Russa-format, Part 2 - Topo Overlay (22.JUL.2007, 35.527kB)

The GIS Russa version is intended for the popular PDA navigation software. Personally I have not tested the GIS Russa version, as I do not have a registered version of that program, and no PDA as well. Updated versions are available on request.

Status of the map
Things left to do
And it's for free?
The map is free for personal usage. You may create as many copies as you want, send them to friends, whatever, but you are not allowed to sell the map. And any derived works underly the same restriction. Formally this is achieved using the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 License. A copy of this license should be included in the download package.

Links to other useful maps
There are many other useful, free maps around on the internet. I name only a few, that are of interest to me or might be of interest to you, and otherwise refer to some more complete collections: All those maps are primarily aimed towards Garmin units. Some converters exist for different map-formats however, and if you need any help converting the Maroc-Topo map, just contact me and I'll see what I can do. I do know of the following additional formats/converters:
Making of the Maroc-Topo maps
Planning my first trip to Morocco I was looking for a vector-map of the country, but only came across numerous GPS-waypoints and tracklogs. And after a longer search I by now know of two digital vector maps of Morocco: That's why I started with my own map.

Editing the map
There should be a makingof.txt included in the package. This contains all the boring details of data acquisition, data conversions, vectorization, tools and free resources used. Read on there! If you want to help editing, just contact me!

Final remarks
Special thanks for the communication about mapping problems to: Alf, Peter Dekode, Tom
Special thanks for taking care of some city maps: Florian Weinfurtner
Special thanks for the (huge) collection of tracklogs and thanks to everyone contributing there go to: Pascal Poublan, Aimé Guiss, Lilian Morinon
Additional thanks for tracklogs go out to: Julius, Carlo, Nicolas Tosi, Teun Usleeber, Hans Wynendaele, Jan Cramer, Luis Almeida, Vince Cobley, Rainer Faist, Tomas, Hort Dersch, Roland Solecki, Alfonso Valenzuela, Alain Spaite, Filipe Gama, Florian Weinfurtner, Luis Cabrita, Peter Lunstroo, Walter Stolle, Stefan Meulendijks, Ahto Tanner, Barney, Beltran, Benjamin Ohloff, Till Damhofer, Tim Cullis, Ueli Leardi.
Thanks to Ralf for providing and checking the Apple version for Garmin Roadtrip
Thanks for the free mirroring service: Dominique
Thanks to the data collectors, editors and providers of the basemaps: SRTM (made available by CIAT) and VMAP0 (available from ESRI)
Thanks to the authors of all the useful programs that made this work possible: GPSMapEdit, cGPSmapper, DEM2TOPO, libgeotiff. Or, well, thanks to most of you, some programs are a bit strange and difficult to use... :)

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