Cadaques - Cap Norfeu - Roses

From the town Cadaques I followed the GR-92 hiking route, southwards along the coast. After crossing the first mountain ridge for that day I reached the beautiful little bay of Cala Joncols, where I made a little rest. A little south I took a short detour from GR-92 and went all the way out to Cap Norfeu. On that large mountain in the sea I had some pretty strong wind and it was a little chilly, but I definitelly enjoyed that part of the day. One of the highlights was the viewpoint at Torre Norfeu.

But from that mountains I had to go all the way down to the beach again. This time it was a real sandy beach, Platja de la Pelosa. The GR-92 route from now on followed the coastline quiet adventurous at places. I passed the village of Montjoi and still it was going on and on, zigzagging around smaller bays and peninsulas. It got very late until I saw the first buildings of the city of Roses, my next destination with a place to sleep. I was really done after that day! While planning the tour I had neither expected the ways to be that long along all that coatline, nor the terrain to be that mountaineous!

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