Port de la Selva - Cala Tavallera - Cadaques

From Port de la Selva I continued along the GR-11 hiking route. It went up into the mountains again with some nice views into bays far below. But finally at Cala Tavallera the way took me down to the beach again. There was some huts and tents were put up around them. But as I had to carry my conference-equipment (i.e. laptop) instead of the camping gear, I decided not to stay there. At some point the GR-11 route turned left all the way out to Cap de Creus, but after the long and mountaineous hike I rather picked a shortcut along a forest-road to the town of Cadaques, where I was sure to find some place to sleep. Actually after 29km of hiking all the day I hit a road and was offered a ride for the last little bit into the town, which I thankfully accepted. A tough day to start a tour with, I slept very well that night!

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