Exchange semester 2003 - Háskólinn á Akureyri

At the moment I'm still in Akureyri for one semester as an exchange student. That's why the photos are already piling up to be put on my homepage, only a small portion is already online. The seasons vary between autumn and winter, the places repeat, almost everything is in and around Akureyri. But that's where I live at the moment and in order to make everyone familiar with this place there is such a whole bunch of photos.
Everything has started with an old dream of seeing Iceland once upon a winter. But this is most probably not that much fun in a tent and sleepingbag. So I've been looking around for a short time job or whatever, something to combine a longer stay with winter and holidays. And then, finally I found something. How about one semester as an exchange student at the University of Akureyri? The computer science courses are taught in english even! So I went through loads of buerocracy until everything was also financially secured and now I'm here and type this on my notebook...
The semester has started already, but for sure more trips will follow going around from here. I've already been on a few cycling tours, a few bus trips have already been organized, but the photos are yet mostly missing here. So: to be continued!

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