Short excursion 2003 - Four days four wheel drive

During my long stay in 2003 we, that is me and two other exchange students, have taken a long weekend and made an excursion with a rental car across Iceland. Well, we all got a little bit surprised by loads of snow, espacially my route plans, but that wasn't so bad at all. Last minute we changed to a 4WD car, no problem outside main season.
On a sunny thursday afternoon we started from Akureyri, over the snowy Kjölur highlands to the south, and that sounds easier than it is. Getting stuck, getting out of the car and pushing is what it was! However, after a bit of regular tourist program in the south we set off to Landmannalaugar, highlands again, snow again, but this time definitely less. Anyway, the route to Eldgjá was blocked so we returned the long way round to the southern coast, Skógar, Vík and everything. On the last day Þingvellir and (again the long way round, Kaldidalur was locked as well) Hraunarfossar and Surtshellir and back to Akureyri.
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