Crossing the way

Usually I'm travelling to Iceland to find a bit of rest. But for being all alone without meeting anyone? No, not really. On the contrary, meeting people in Iceland frequently gives the best and most valuable memories. You rather begin to learn a new meaning of the word "meeting".
I've gathered some of those who crossed my ways and listed them alphabetically below. I don't like taking photos of people, so you'll have to recognize them by yourself, once you meet them. But most will come to Iceland again sooner or later, I'm pretty sure about that!

Dieter Graser (from München)
Hiker. Does know the highlands like no other!
We've first met 1999 in Akureyri, later on regularly at the "Islandtreffen".
Dieter Schweizer
Professional photographer, also has published some calendars
Personally we meet at the "Islandtreffen" regularly...
Dirk Lehner
Jeep- sorry, 4x4-driver of the special kind! Currently driving a yellow Cehvy
I'll never forget our first meeting at Dreki, after the lovely storm and rain out in the highlands! :)
Frank und Sybille
Hikers and mountain-climbers
We've met 2005 at the check-in, later on in Reykjavík, Akureyri and at the return-flight. If ever I'm feeling like a glacier tour, I'll definitelly tell you! :)
Gernot Krause
Cyclist and hiker and traveller... and especially Iceland-Fan!
In Iceland we've always missed each other, up to now!
Hagen Schmidt (from Jena, now Hannover)
Fan of Scandinavia and Iceland-cyclist
At the departure 2002 we've packed our bicycles together in Berlin, after meeting several times on tour, we've recieved our bicycles back at the same airport four weeks later. Furthermore we've had the same flight to Iceland in 2005 and met several times in Germany by now.
Josef Laumann
Hobby-photographer with a very personal relation to Iceland
I guess, we've first met at the "Islandtreffen"...
Kerstin Langenberger
Hobby-Photographer, who also has been studying in Iceland for a couple of semesters and had been hut-warden and and and...
After a lot of online-contact, we finally managed to meet in Akureyri in 2005!
Was in Iceland for a longer time and hence speaks icelandic fluently. Also she's hiking from time to time.
We've met at the "Islandtreffen".
Michael Fitzpatrick (from Australia)
Highland-cyclist from the other end of the world.
In the beginning of 2003 I got an email from him, asking about Gæsavatnaleið. Without planning a meeting, we both set of to our tours a few months later and eventually became tent-neighbours at Kverkfjöll
Myriam Dalstein (from Skeið in Svarfaðardalur)
Emigrated to Iceland and now living at the Guesthouse Skeið. Once again thanks for all the hospitality!
We've first met during my exchange semester in Akureyri in 2003. By now the area around Akureyri and the especially Svarfaðardalur is a fixed part of all my trips to Iceland.
Peter Klein
Websiteengineer an (by now) Ladrover-driver
Looking around for Iceland in the german speaking web, sooner or later you will find his Iceland-portal. An on the "Islandtreffen" you have a very good chance of meeting him personally
Jobbing in Iceland for a year every now and then. Wannabe-Hiker! :)
We've met in Akureyri (2005), near Laugarvatn (2006), in Dresden and regularly at the "Islandtreffen".
Sigrid Müllenhoff
Usually travelling by foot
We first met in Erlangen at the "Islandstammtisch", I guess...
Susanne Fahn
Successful student of scandinavistics, my knowledge of icelandic goes green with envy...
Somehow we know each other from Erlangen for ages. I'll have to count, but I guess we've only met once in Iceland...
Tanja Nieswandt (from Kiel)
We've met each other and Werner and Ilse regularly on the tour 2001, especially between Landmannalaugar and Skaftafell.
GPS-map-constructor, frequently travelling by bike or hiking.
We probably got in contact via the great GPS-map of Iceland on his website and by now have met personally at the "Islandtreffen".
Torsten Mahler (from Lollar)
Highland-Extreme-Biker. There's hardly a track he has not cycled so far!
We've not yet met in Iceland, but that'll most definitelly change some day!
Werner und Ilse (from Bonn)
In 2001 we've been cycling across Kjölur together, at least from Blönduós to Kerlingarfjöll. Later on at the south coast, we've also met Tanja.

And if you think I forgot you: sorry! Please contact me immediatelly!

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