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These are - in my opinion - the best pictures on this site. Originally I wanted to put here only about 10 pictures or so. But the choice was too difficult, so it got some more, even two pages by now. Yes, that's too many of course... :) Also you might choose other pictures to come here. So visit the other categories as well and send me your comments. You will also find those pictures here again in the parts of this site.
Part 2

The area of Námafjall near Mývatn. A hot place!

Hot steam and dark clouds at Hveravellir

Loðmundur and Snækollur in the Kerlingarfjöll mountains

Bad weather in the valley of Jökullgilskvísl (Landmannalaugar)

The colored mountains around Landmannalaugar

Great colors and the great landscape of Fjallabak

At the crossroads of F208 and the ring road

A deeply carved valley near Landmannalaugar

Geothermal active area near Krýsuvík

The mountains at Kerlingarfjöll

A bridge over Mórsá, Mórsárjökull in background

Hjálparfoss in Þjórsárdalur

Dvergarhammrar basalt columns with Fagrifoss (?) behind

Hjörleifshöfði rising out of Mýrdalssandur

Those famouse houses at Þingvellir

Gullfoss, the golden waterfall

Incredible colours are typical for Landmannalaugar

Cape Dýrhólaey, the southernmost point of Iceland

Góðafoss, one of the most impessing waterfalls

Ísafjarðadjup, seen from Eyrarfjall

Aðalvík, Westfjords

Miðvík, Aðalvík, Westfjords

The cliffs at Látrabjarg are up to 450 metres high!

Kirkja, the "Church", in Dimmuborgir area (Mývatn)

A rainbow at Mórsárlón near Skaftafell

Evening light in Þjórsárdalur

Evening at the hot springs of Hveravellir

Great blue sky in Lónsöræfi

In Lónsöræfi, near Stafafell

The crater of Víti near Krafla

Panoramic view into the north of the canyon Dimmugljúfur

Not far apart: the two walls of the canyon Dimmugljúfur

Cloudscape between Herðubreið and Vesturöræfi

Valley of hot springs: Hveradalur in the Kverkfjöll

The glacierlagoon Mórsárlón and behind that the colored hills of Kjós

"Basaltic pillars" at Hljóðaklettar (Jökullsárgljúfur)

Morning light at Hveradalahnúkur in Kerlingarfjöll

Skógafoss - about 60m in height

The waterfall Ofærufoss in the gulch Eldgjá

View from Bláhnjúkur to the east

Fantastic weather in the hills of Landmannalaugar

The lavafield at Landmannalaugar in sunshine

The parks at Höfði on lake Mývatn

Hills and valleys in the Fjallabak National Park

View from above onto Morsárdalur and Bæjarstaðarskógur
Part 2

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