Photos from exchange semester in Akureyri

In the autumn semester 2003, which in Iceland lasts from August to December, I took an exchange semester in Akureyri. Yes, there is a university in, Akureyri and you can even study there as an exchange student, although the town has barely 15000 inhabitants.
As a good exchange student I of course made a lot of excursions into all of the surroundings. I mainly used my own bike for that, but there also were tours with the bus, with rental and other cars and even with a fishing trawler. That's why I naturally took lots of photos with everything from late summer, bright shining autumn colors and deepest icelandic winter. And that's why this collection is relatively chaotic, although the semester is long over by now.
Anyway, here is the overview...

Akureyri Short trips around Akureyri Fishingtrip Trip to Mývatn Roadtrip Two day trip to Þeistareykir Trip into Vaglaskógur in autumn Trip into Vaglaskógur in winter Trip into Svarfaðardalur in winter Northern lights, Aurora Borealis Back to main site

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